Available in Standard Set

Ultimate Thread Group since 0.2.1

"Ultimate" means there will be no need in further Thread Group plugins. The features that everyone needed in JMeter and they finally available:

  • infinite number of schedule records
  • separate ramp-up time, shutdown time, flight time for each shedule record
  • and, of course, trustworthy load preview graph


Let's configure Ultimate Thread Group as following:

And then try to run test. Look how predictable our active threads graph is:

Special Property Processing

There is a way to configure thread group from special jmeter property threadsschedule_. Property can be specified either in user.properties file (jmeter.properties also applicable), or from command line like -J "threadsschedule=..."_.

Schedule is specified with a list of spawn directives:

  • spawn(threadsCount, initalDelay, startupTime, holdLoadFor, shutdownTime) - spawns specified threads number and configures start time, ramp-up time, flight time and shutdown time

Duration values (initialDelay, startupTime, holdLoadFor, shutdownTime) may be specified with shorthand, case-insensitive modifiers:

  • s - seconds
  • m - minutes
  • h - hours
  • d - days

Duration setting may be combined like 1d11h23m6s.

Example of load profile string: threads_schedule=spawn(15,1s,1s,1s,1s) spawn(40,1s,3s,1s,2s)